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Mai Al Khatib
Escort in Al Manama, Bahrain

Escort Membership: BASIC

Escort Status: OFFLINE

Orientation: Bisexual
Smokes: No
Country: Bahrain
City: Al Manama
Gender: Female

About me

Hiya people, My name is NADIA X. I'm 30 and I'm Arab from Jordan. I've been here in Bahrain about 10 years. I'm looking just to do this for a few months and then I'm a normal girl again. Need to do this for about 8 months. If I find one guy for BD 1000 I stick with one. But selection is aprocess. BD500 I need to have two guys which I'm not to comfortable with coz I want this circle to remain small. Hence I tell you tell me the offer you have and a bit of what you expect and ill let you know. I'm nice & I'm not cheap ;p I swallow and suck dicks. Ill be with you for may be 1 to 2 hours. I fuck only with condom. When I say stop you must stop if it hurts me. I fuck in my ass also but must be slowly in the beginning. Well I also offer the same for females. I meant friends with benefits. Nothing materialistic of anything like that. I'm open, relaxed, fun and looking for a kind time, but secretly. Hopefully a friendship blooms out of this :). Just be honest because this is the best time to are if we get along or not with no one getting hurt. I'm not married and I look forward to a hot female on female encounter. I am very open minded so no issues there :). And yes, I want this to remain confidential. I'm bisexual. The meeting will be private place. We can meet at my boy friend place, in his room and its up to us if we want him there or not ;) He Will be excited to enjoy with you too. So, let the jollies begin ladies and gentlemen. Regards, NADIA X -


One of the best asses I've EVER seen
Jul 26 2014 by Xretards

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